Headquarters Company,

 2nd Battalion,  24th Regiment,

 4th Marine Division in World War II

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"The Road to Iwo Jima - a personal journey"

Click the link below to see the video of the scattering of Sgt Leon Padell's ashes on Mt Suribachi, Iwo Jima

Sgt Leon Padell Memorial on Mt Suribachi

The group portrait below is of HQ-2-24 4th Marine Division (WWII)  taken in November 1942. There are very few of these pictures still in existence; our thanks to Sgt. Leon Padelskas (now Padell) for giving us this picture.

Click on the larger (top picture) to display a VERY large copy of the picture, it loads slow and will overfill your screen but you can get closeups of each man. Note stored image is very large.


Group portrait below is same as the one above but the stored image while still large is half the size.


This website is dedicated to the Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment, 4th Mar Div WWII. I have seen various sites for different companies, but none devoted to HQ-2-24. I am the son of Sergeant Leon Padelskas (now Padell), one of the men of the Headquarters Company (in photo above, front row, 1st seated on far left). The picture below is of Leon as he was leaving for Iwo Jima.

                                                         Click picture for a larger view


This is not a concise history, nor is it exclusively about the Headquarters Company. I have taken stories and reminiscences and photographs my father has and created this site.

I am hoping by doing this I will be able to get in contact with other members of the company, or their descendants, who may have more information on the HQ company that will make this site better and more focused.

The photographs and stories follow a member of HQ-2-24 from boot camp in 1942 at Parris Island, to Camp Pendleton, to Camp Maui. They include photographs on liberty in California and Hawaii as well as photographs at the USO.

Many of the pictures are unidentified as Leon had a stroke back in November 2006 and has trouble remembering who is who, and none were captioned.

As I acquire or am loaned more photographs, and memorabilia, I will be adding it along with any new stories or reminiscences, to the website.

If you have any pictures or memorabilia you would like to see on this website please contact me via the email on the Contact page.

Many graphics provided by Doug Kidd

The Fourth Marine Division maintains a website dedicated to the Marines who fought with in in World War II. Please visit by clicking on this link: The Fighting Fourth

For more on Leon Padell please visit www.padell.org/lpadell.html

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