Important information was often disseminated by passing the word. Here we will try to pass the word to our visitors.

The following was copied from the January-March edition of Shift Colors.

 Veterans warned about DD214 scam

 We have all heard the horror stories associated with the theft of one’s identity. Most of us have not been touched by the anxiety associated with this type of event whether by luck or by vigilance to keep private information out of unauthorized hands. Recently, it was brought to the attention of the PERS-62 staff that, allegedly, an unscrupulous individual was using information available on a retiree’s DD214 that was registered at a local courthouse to assume the members’ identity for fraudulent reasons. With the exception of certain documents closed by the courts, records at courthouses throughout the United States are readily available to the general public. Those of you that have recorded your DD214 with the local courthouse should be aware that your documents are not fully secure and are available to anyone who wishes to scrutinize them. Although the incidents of identification fraud are rare, you may want to consider other methods of securing an additional DD214. For example, placing one in a safe deposit box, at family members’ homes, with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), or your military fraternal group (American Legion, Fleet Reserve Association and The Retired Officers Association). In any case, inform your family members of where the extra copies may be found. If you would like to obtain more information on ID fraud, visit 1-877-438-4338


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