Iwo Jima

Hill 382

On D + 10, 2/24 now under parent control (24th Marines) relieved 1/23 in the attack on Hill 382. The three battalions of the 23rd had been attempting to capture the hill for the previous three days and were stalled. 'the assault to capture the hill by 2/24 was costly, particularly in small unit leaders. By the afternoon of D + 11, 2/24 succeeded in occupying the hill, digging in and staying there to continue the attack against enemy defense in depth to seaward. Co "E" lost four company commanders in succession. Co "G" had lost their original commander. A day or so after the battle for the hill, the Regimental Commander 24th Marines informed me the Division Commander was not going to give credit to any one battalion for taking the hill; the credit for taking the hill would be shared by the three battalions of the 23rd Regiment along with 2/24.

Reasoning: All four battalions participating in the five day assault received equally high losses in the capture and should share equally in the credit for .the capture.