SSgt Richard Tenneley

On the afternoon of D-Day, Iwo Jima in the process of moving 2/24 into then assigned positions to fill a gap in the 23rd Marines section of the front line. Iwas startled by a nearby yell of "Corpsman Corpsman". Noticed several Marines looking over a fallen one. Went over and learned it was Staff Sergeant Richard Tenneley, a combat correspondent assigned to the 24th Marine Regiment.

This was an anxious sight for me to witness. Dick Tenneley was a friend from high school days in Washington, D. C., and before he volunteered entry into the Marine Corps had been a radio newsman and newspaper reporter. Looking at him I thought he was dead. Later I learned he had lost a leg from a shell burst, not good news but better than the alternative I had thought. Upon being medically discharged from the Marine Corps he resumed his newspaper profession writing columns for several Washington, D.C. newspapers